Welcome, Fearless Photographers!

We are very excited to have you join us. Our community is successful because our members share ideas, insights, and support for one another for the betterment of all. We can’t wait to see and share more of your work to the world!

Here are some important information for you to make the most of your membership:

Your Fearless profile

Each Fearless member has a unique Fearless profile. Your Fearless profile contains pertinent information about you and your business:

– Your business name which is linked to your website.

– Your face photo which must be a 300 x 300 square photo. Click here to see the requirements.

– your “Based In” location which must be in the country that you actually live in.

– your two “Also Serving” locations. These locations can be anywhere in the world.

– your phone number. This is optional. You may choose to display your phone number here at the risk of getting spam calls.

– your Facebook links and Instagram links.  These are optional.

– your website link in case the client wants to find out more about you.

– your “Average Price”. This is up to you. How do you think your prices compare to other photographers in your area? How do you regard your business?

– your “Recent Fearless Awards” number. This is the number of Fearless Awards you’ve earned in the last 4 years.

– your “Likes”. This is symbolized by the “heart” graphic. This is the total number of “Likes” that your portfolio photos have earned.

– your “Contact” form is for clients to send you an Enquiry to your email. The Fearless Admin checks the email before forwarding the email to you. As much as we want to prevent scam emails, we don’t always catch them all. If you receive a suspicious Enquiry, use your best judgement to decide to reply or not. (Your email address is not displayed on the Fearless site so you will not get any direct emails from clients).

– your “About” is a statement about you, your business, or your approach or whatever you want visitors to quickly know about you. No links please.

– there are some optional Questions & Answers in case you want visitors to know more about you.

– a video about your business is optional. You may choose to add a video for promotion in your profile.

– If you’d like to change anything on your Fearless profile, use this link.

– your Photo Gallery contains 25 photos of your choice + Fearless Awards. You may upload 25 photos of your choice to display in your portfolio. Any photos selected as Fearless Awards are already automatically added to your Portfolio. In your Portfolio, photos with the most “Likes” are displayed first. (Some members have more than 25 photos due to special promotions in the past)

– If you forget your Fearless profile link, use the Search function on this page.

Recent Couples

Have a recent weddings or photo sessions that you’re proud of? Link your blog post to your Fearless profile. Add these recent couple through your Fearless Admin page.

Fearless Awards

As a member, you may enter your best images to be considered for Fearless Awards. For each Collection, each member may enter up to 7 images for free and 10 additional images at $5/image.

Availability Requests

When clients make an Availability Request that matches your primary location and price, you will receive a notification email.  If you’d like to respond that you’re available, go to the Request page, select your name, and then wait for the clients to contact you if they’re interested.

If you’re not in the requested location and not in the requested price range, you can also respond.

1% Donation

If you book an Availability Request wedding, celebrate (yay!) and then click here to pay a 1% commission which will be donated to charity.  It’s good karma and it’s required.

Fearless Library

Our exclusive collection of Fearless Critiques videos and other videos on loan from top photo educators are available only to Fearless members at the Library.


If you have suggestions, ideas, comments or questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email. and let us know how we can serve you better. We love to hear from our members!