The Fearless Class in NY/NJ

We’re very excited to present an intensive class taught by Huy Nguyen (the Authentic one) and the amazing Todd Laffler (the Creative one).

It’s about capturing real, unscripted and meaningful moments at a wedding as well as mind-blowing creative portraiture and prompted fun photos.

Todd and Huy will be completely open in sharing their approach and practices as well as going reviewing the students’ images to understand and address the personal challenges that everyone faces.

CREATIVITY: During this workshop Todd will give you tons of tips, tricks and techniques for crafting better photographs, how to think outside of the box by showing before and after images which will reveal exactly how certain images are made in less than perfect situations, tips on posing couples, and he will also break down his system for making portraits in a step by step process. In addition, Todd will take you on a live shoot, explaining his posing and thought process while photographing.

AUTHENTICITY: Huy’s topics of discussion include:

  • switching mindets
  • seeing beyond the obvious
  • anticipating the future
  • trusting yourself
  • loving others
  • aligning your life with your work
  • ridding the ego
  • using the cloak of invisibility
  • being honest with yourself
  • critiquing your own work
  • earning trust a little at a time
  • failing intelligently
  • embracing rejection
  • communicating effectively with clients

and of course, we will have photo critiques of the students’ images and extensive Questions & Answers time

This class is open to all photographers. Register now to reserve your seat.

April 1-2, 2019
10 am – 7 pm each day
$795 USD
Price does not include travel, lodging, or meals.

Class size
Class size is limited to 30 students per class

To be announced
Somewhere near NY and NJ



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