The Fearless Class in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This is an intensive class taught by two very experienced photographers and teachers:  Huy Nguyen and Tyler Wirken.

The title of this class is “Moments Moments Moments” and that’s exactly what it’s about. The class is for professional wedding photographers who aim to improve and develop their skills in capturing real, unscripted and meaningful moments at weddings.

Tyler and Huy will be completely open in sharing their approach and practices as well as reviewing the students’ images to understand and address the challenges that everyone faces.

This class is will be conducted in English. We welcome all photographers from all countries.

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The Class
March 20-21, 2019
10 am – 7 pm each day
500 € per student
Price does not include travel, lodging, or meals.

The Bonus Day
For students who want more, sign up for the Bonus Day for more personal interaction, photo critiques, questions & answers, etc. You must be enrolled in the class to attend the Bonus Day.
March 22, 2019
10 am – 5 pm
200 € per student now
(or 250 € per student at the door)

Class size
Class size is limited to 30 students

Hotel Quartier Du Port



Comments from our recent class in Italy

Hi Huy, finally after about two weeks I was able to absorb the psychological blow of the Fearless Class … These were two intense and fantastic days that I will carry forever in my heart. I watched you while you were explaining, I saw in you the joy and the love for what you do … Thinking a few seconds before speaking, watching people … I read a bit of melancholy in reliving your shots of the past. Maybe you miss your weddings a little …

Fearless * without fear * a term that after your lesson made me realize that it is precisely the fear of opening up that limits my shots …the fear of letting me go that does not make me express as I want … My not connecting the mind to the heart, not thinking before shooting. Things that I will try to correct from now on … I am a photographer born from nothing, from a small passion born as a child … A passion curbed by the need to work to get by … From a few years the God of photography has enlightened me and has overwhelmed me in this fantastic adventure … It was hard at the beginning …. from the end of the class I did not take a picture without seeing that invisible thread that binds the thumb to the heart. I understood that sharing ideas and confrontation with others leads to unparalleled human and professional growth. I love real moments, they are part of my life lived up to today. Taking a picture means seizing a moment with the emotions associated with it that will not come back. I did and I still do a lot of mistakes and I’ll want to do it again for the chance to correct …

I hope to see you again soon! Thank you for what you and Tyler have given us …

I have never experienced this kind of intimate workshop. Even though I thought I would be overwhelmed, I ended up being calm and responsive. I liked intimate atmosphere, I liked we all went to lunch and gotten a chance to hang out. Your hosts also did fantastic job, big thumb up. I felt secure, confident, hearing lots of stuff I’ve already heard/known before, stuff I’ve already felt, stuff I’m already doing but wasn’t aware of it… So it can never be bad to shake it all once again, you always take/make something new. And it can never the same, because we’re never the same, like a river, floating, changing. 

Overall impressions are wow, and wow with longterm release. I appreciate humor in general and resonate with both of your sense of humor. Most impressive was a statement that we’re not there to photograph but to think, and in ‘thinking’ is hiding your whooooole photography trip, your essence.

Without any pretension this workshop helped me realize those stars that you’re admiring up high are in fact not that far away from you, not unreachable. Especially when you’ve slowly decided to leave your rocky shell and dared to dream big. It showed me we’re all sometimes insecure and vulnerable, make bad decisions, fall down. It helped me with my freedom of expression, breaking my walls, accepting which kinda freak I am, loving and appreciating who I am, and all that jazz. I think that is something money cannot pay.

Thank you for your communication, I hope this group will rise more and more and I’m looking forward to all the moments to be born out of it.  

What I really like about it and the reason why I will try to attend the next ones:

-you  and Tyler together: professionals – very giving, friendly and authentic

-the workshop was really focused on the topic

-the class was small and intimate

-the choice of a small art city was just perfect and also Damiano e Donatella made us feel very welcomed

-the feeling was a family feeling : this is why at the end people really shared they own fears ( that was a real moment)

I think it was a great workshop Huy – I felt lucky and grateful to be there with all of you, and I mean it.

At the beginning I had no idea what to expect so I decided to have no expectations which I believe it’s the best to do if you want to open your mind. And what I received in return from this class was so much and even so much more compared to what I could have ever imagined.

The class was masterfully well balanced between the experiences of Huy and Tyler, was actually like watching a perfect dance.

The content arrived straight to the point. The way you explained how to report “moments” and also how actually combinate and compose them in a photo was great. The examples you showed were perfect. The sense of what means to be Fearless that I could feel for the entire workshop made me think a lot.

In my opinion I believe the class should be carried the way it is and not to add anything about “posed portraits” or forced moments. If you know what I mean. It’s perfect the way it is.

And I also believe it’s good there are no shooting times. It’s so full of informations that people need to absorb them and go back home to start think about them and work on a new vision.

Again thank you very much for all you do, for teaching us how to see the “moments” in our life and not just to photograph them.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be Fearless…