Collection 51 Fearless Awards – November 6


The Admin (Huy Nguyen) shall have the final decision on whether the entries meet the Rules of Eligibility.

– Your entry must be from the wedding day and events associated with the wedding, day-after photo sessions, bridal photo sessions, pre-wedding photo sessions, engagement photo sessions, vow renewals, and civil unions only.

– Your entry can be from any year.

– You can enter photos that you entered in previous Collections as long as they are not already Fearless Awards.


– it is not the correct size. The correct sizes are 1200×800 pixels, 1200×800 pixels, 1200×1200 pixels. There is a +/- 1 pixel tolerance so 1201 or 1199 or 799 or 801 is acceptable, etc…
– it has more than 10% of the image area cloned out
– it has people or stuff added through digital manipulation
– it is a multiple exposure of 2 or more photos made in camera or in post-production
– it has added logo, added text, or borders
– it was taken from a styled session, modeling session for a third party, commercial session, or editorial session.
– it is of strangers who are not your clients or part of your events
– it is a posed “boudoir” portrait image as defined by WPPI: “Portraits that celebrate the beauty of the human (male and female) form… usually including nudes, semi-nudes, subjects in lingerie.”
– it is too similar to one of your previous Fearless Awards. Entries may be deemed similar if they are photos from same situation OR photos from – different situations that are similar in composition, technique, or moment.
– it depicts a sexual act or shows genitals
– it depicts hurtful or cruel behavior towards humans or animals
– it depicts urination or defecation by humans or animals
– it is an “upskirt photo” taken from an angle so as to see up a person’s skirt or dress or kilt
– it uses a printed page (from book, magazine, etc) or another photograph as a part of your photograph


The curation process has been developed to ensure that the rules are applied fairly. We also believe having a new group of curators for each round of awards helps bring different perspectives to the selection process. There are some instances where the curators will be asked to evaluate the images on a case by case basis: weapons, juvenile or bathroom humour, partial nudity, and offensive actions. Curators will make the final decision whether the image is Awarded in those instances.


– Each member can enter up to 9 free entries + up to 9 additional entries (for a fee) = 18 maximum entries.

– Your entries must be JPG or PNG photographs

– There are only 3 sizes allowed. Entries that are not the correct size may be disqualified by the Admin.  Allowed sizes are:

1200 pixels X 800 pixels
800 pixels X 1200 pixels
1200 X 1200 pixels

– Entries must be named with your real name.

Example: Victor-Lax-01.jpg, Victor-Lax-02.jpg, Victor-Lax-09.jpg


– Put all your photos in the same folder.

– Use the Entry Form to send your entries. Entries received after September 27 will be charged a Late Fee of $10 USD per form.

– Entries will not be accepted after October 2.

– Each member may use the entry form only once per Collection. Do not send in 2 forms. (If you do that, it will confuse me and mess up your entries)

– If you made a mistake with your form or if you have any questions about your entries, email


All entries (usually about 10,000) from the entry forms are downloaded by the Admin and divided into 3 groups of images.

Your images will be divided equally and randomly into 3 groups. For example, if you send in 18 images: 6 will go to Group A and 6 to Group B and 6 to Group C.

Each group of images will be reviewed by 2 curators independently. There are a total of 6 curators for 3 groups of photos.

The curators and their studio mates are NOT allowed to enter their own photos in this Collection.

Each curator will select the images that they think are “good” images. These images are called “Finalists”.

Then the 6 curators will score ALL the Finalist images.

The Finalists images with the most points will be Fearless Awards or Honorable Mentions and they meet the rules of eligibility

About 1-3% of all entries will be Fearless Awards.

There are 5 Collections of Fearless Awards in 2019:

Collection 48

Collection 49

Collection 50

Collection 51
Fearless Awards will be announced around November 6

Collection 52
Entry form opens after November 1