CAFA LIU (Canada)

My name is Cafa, a wedding photographer from Canada. I took this class of Texas in 2018. Super high quality and recommend, I leaned thousands things from thousands ways from them. They have the skill to transfer their experience and understanding of wedding photography to you, depending on moments moments moments, but not only…

After the class I think more about pure core of wedding photography, review my own work try to figure out a way to be better, not a better person of anybody else, just a better person of myself. I started to rethink the reason which make me stand out, maybe that’s not the reason which would have the ability to drive me longer, deeper and higher, I need to do something more.

They don’t teach you how to use flash light, they teach you how to use your mind. They are the super combination mixed well with professional, wisdom, enthusiasm and most important is they are really true. If there is that kind of workshop or class you have to take once in your life, this is it!


I flew across the ocean to go to Tyler and Huy’s Fearless Class in Rotterdam. It was worth it.

This class got me out of a photography rut I’d been in. I felt as if I’d been at the same level for several years and was doing quite well in business, but hadn’t been advancing in skill or style. Somehow, Tyler and Huy were able to give me a confidence boost that I am good at a lot of things, while firmly but nicely teaching me what I needed to improve upon. The next wedding I shot after the Fearless Class I felt like my brain worked completely differently. I noticed a huge difference in my images right away and I’m so happy I’ll be able to capture more incredible, real moments for my clients.

Thank you Huy, Tyler and the rest of my classmates in Rotterdam!

LEONARD WALPOT (Netherlands)

I attended the Fearless Class in Italy. A good place to go to Italy in the first place, I thought, and went with no particular expectations to this class. It couldn’t be a better decision, but for another reason: this class is simply great. Huy’s and Tyler’s lessons are thorough and really go to the essence of what journalistic wedding photography is about. Even if you think you know all this stuff, it’s a great refresher of your knowledge and helps you to look at your own work and approach again. Both Huy and Tyler are great teachers and make for a great atmosphere in the group as well. I highly recommend this class to every (aspiring) real moments wedding photographer.


Looking to improve my real moments in my wedding photography, the Fearless class in Rotterdam happened at just the right time for me.

I have attended several workshops and conferences and usually people teach “the same” stuff and a lot of the content is something you have heard before. But Huy and Tyler helped me to open up my photojournalistic approach even more than I thought.

The group setting was very nice. Everyone got several of their photos critiqued and we did many exercises in smaller groups that taught me to be even more aware of stuff that I thought I was very aware of from before.

I left the workshop with a better mindset to approach a wedding day with and I’m super pumped to already having improved my work in the weddings I have photographed since.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to express my respect I have for the community you have build.

Fearless has brought me so much in professional and personal development.

The workshop I attended in Florence has taught me to distinguish a good photo from an impacting photo. And especially changed the way I look at my own work. I still have a long road to follow to become the photographer I want to be, but what I have learned from being a Fearless Photographer is that to have fun while working hard and to enjoy the journey.

NICK STEWART (Australia)

The class goes so far beyond superficiality as to rewire your own perception of beauty. After the class you will have a whole new appreciation of what defines a moment, and how identifying it will help you create the most meaningful photographs for your clients.

You can ask anything, there are no big egos, and there is a genuine desire from the educators to help you grow. They know one class won’t see a complete change overnight, but they provide you with the tools to mature and become the photographer you want to be. They are teaching for the long-term gains.


When I heard that we were going to sit in a class for hours I thought “Oh no ! I thought a workshop was suppose to be both listening & practicing ! I don’t have that much concentration when there is no action…. ” The thing is…. how could you learn about the moment if the moment was fake, created only for the workshop? so of course there was NOT going to be any photos taken of a fake wedding. Instead we got real constructive informations, real analysis of who we are as a photographer (and person) and who we want to be, real photos to learn from, real experience from our teachers. Real Learning about real moments photography.

If you are ready to take a step back and look at your work, and improve the way you see / do things. You’ll be at the right place. I was stuck for the last 2-3 years, my work was good, my clients never complained but I wasn’t happy. My work became a routine. Weddings were still fun… but they were stressful and redundant. I now already have done 5 weddings since the workshop…. the 2 first ones were “better” but I was still a lot on my old habits / autopilot. Then….the magic started to happen. The last 3 weddings I tried a lot more to apply what I have learned and just to be aware of that was already a lot. You won’t change the way you work from A to Z in 5 weddings, but your work will improve and you’ll think of wedding as fun again and creative ! That is what it did to me anyways.

Thank you so much Huy & Tyler for your time , knowledge, energy, authenticity & fearless hearts!

ELS KORSTEN (Netherlands)

I want to say thank you!! I learned so much in Texas about how to look for pictures.

I understand better what good pictures are! We really took my time to look to all my pictures back home.

And now I know which pictures I can sent in for the awards. So I will sent again pictures to try to win Fearless Awards.

Last year I did not have any believe in my pictures anymore, but now I feel my pictures again.

So thank you very much.


I don’t know how can I thank you enough about the Workshop.

Thank you for everything Huy, for making the class happen, for accepting me at the last minute, for the wonderful experience, for working so hard to improve the class’ quality even when its happening. I believe all of us can see how tired you are and understand how hard you try to make us a better photographer in just 3 days.

As Tyler said, the class is not about photography, you can’t imagine how much the class change my mind, about everything. Now I know what i need to do. Thank you Huy for LIGHT UP our passion !!!


Tyler and Huy are the real deal!

They are unicorns in an educational industry saturated with a bunch of people who just care about money. These two care about the are of making incredible images that mean something, they care about your as a photographer, and even better, they care about you as a person!

Their genuine passion for seeing that lightbulb go off in your brain makes them the perfect people to learn from and their genuine passion for seeing you achieve your dreams and watching you smile makes them the perfect people to be around.

These two will push you to past where you thought was possible and sometimes it sucks, but it’s like a refining fire that makes you great on the other end. If you have the chance to learn from them, don’t hesitate, you’ll regret it.

Just do it!


I hope you are good. Just want you to know that the workshop has changed my way to shoot wedding SIGNIFICANTLY

MARLIES DEKKER (Netherlands)

This is a workshop which is worth the money in total and even more. It triggered me in many many ways and its easy and simple explained and directly applicable.

The Fearless Class in Antwerp

We’re very excited to present an intensive class on capturing real and meaningful moments at weddings.

Tyler Wirken and Huy Nguyen will be completely open in sharing their approach and practices as well as reviewing your images to understand and address your challenges.

The class offers discussions of these topics (and more!)

  • Tyler’s hardcore photojournalism
  • thinking for yourself
  • seeing beyond the obvious
  • anticipating the future
  • trusting yourself
  • loving others
  • aligning your life with your work
  • getting rid of the ego
  • making yourself invisible
  • being honest with yourself
  • critiquing your own work
  • earning trust
  • failing intelligently
  • embracing rejection
  • communicating effectively with clients

and of course, we will have photo critiques of the students’ images and extensive opportunities for Questions & Answers

This class is open to all photographers. Register now to reserve your seat.

July 31 from 10 am – 7 pm
August 1 from 10 am – 7 pm
August 2: Questions & Answers breakfast with Huy & Tyler (optional)

700 € for non-Fearless members
650 € for Fearless members
Price does not include travel, lodging, or meals.

Class size
No limit

Antwerp, Belgium
Venue will be announced later